the dojo

When Shihan Kreh decided to create a permanent dojo space for his studens, it barely resembled the space it would later become.

the dojo before
The Dojo Before...
the dojo after
...and after

As time passes, Shihan Kreh continues to work on the dojo. It is, like Karate itself, an ever evolving process, a work in progress that continues to improve with time.

first student
Our first new student at the new dojo. 9/17/2007
first promotion
First belt promotion at the new dojo 9/18/2007.
grand opening
Jichooshin Dojo Grand Opening
(Back row from left) Lucas Fox, Dylan Seaburn, Lester Kreh, Steve Spangler, Dan Ware, Kami Harman, Dr. Steve Lehman, Mayor John Davoli, Sensei Dave Kreh, Lisa Kreh, and Sarah Stevens-Krupp
(Center row from left)Heather Saalman, Rebecca Ware, Jayden Church, Ricky Medina, MaKayla Church, Brandon Noon, Becky Kreh
(Front row from left) Taiah Douglas, Justin Wilcox, Brooklyn Ware, Jacob Church, Chad Spangler, Jeremy Roddy

Since its inception, Jicho`oshin Dojo has promoted its share of students to the rank of black belt. Will you be one of them?

opening day demonstration
Grand Opening day demonstration. The students perform 5 step sparring.
black belt group
Jim Ehrman (left), promoted to 1st degree 2/9/2007, Ryan Lorek (2nd from left), promoted to 1st degree 2/9/2007, Shihan Kreh, Alex Spangler (3rd from right), promoted to black belt 2/9/2007, Kami Harman (2nd from right), promoted to black belt 2/9/2007, Steve Spangler (right).

Shihan Kreh closed the dojo in the fall of 2015.
He continues to offer instruction on a private basis.
Please Contact Shihan Kreh for more information.

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