self-defense classes

Although there are a plethora of self-defense techniques taught as part of our regular cirriculum, we also teach a condensed, yet thorough self-defense program at Jicho'oshin Dojo. The techniques cover many areas, including defense techniques for both unarmed and armed attackers. Some of the facets covered in our self-defense classes are:

Basic Attacks

These techniques are designed to be used against basic punching and kicking attacks as a first response defense.

basic punch defense
A young student practices a defense technique against a punch

Self-defense techniques cover a wide range of body grabs and holds, and utilize principles that go back to the roots of our style.

sensei Kreh demonstrates a defensive throw
Shihan Kreh demonstrates a defensive throw

The more advanced self-defense techniques involve those used against armed attackers, and include techniques against the three basic forms of weapons. These techniques are not for beginners, and take continual practice to master.

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